Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What's TK?

I remember the first time I got back pages from a magazine layout designer, and there was a bunch of blank sections marked "TK." It's one of those codes that doesn't quite make intuitive sense, since the indication is that there is copy "to come"-- so why not "TC?"

In other news of things in the near future, and things that were... I spent February through May living in Paris, which felt and now feels like an absolute dream. When there, I felt fortunate and took in everything, every tiny detail. Now back in the US, it feels like a surreal and liquid time, when the clocks didn't work and the days were really one continuous gray period with interrupting sounds and tastes. Gray because we were there in winter, and the spring was slow to come around. Perhaps the clearest memory I can re-create in my mind is shivering on the tiny balcony while Montmartre was blanked out by snow. Well, that and being proposed to in the Luxembourg gardens by La fontaine Medicis on a rare sunny Sunday afternoon.

Now I'm getting accustomed to life in Denver, and will be giving birth to a daughter in not-so-many weeks. 2013 has been a lovely whirlwind, and there is much TK. 

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