Thursday, October 27, 2011

New poems in Papirmasse!

I've never met Kirsten McCrea, but I'm pretty much convinced she is one of the most amazing humans ever. Kirsten is a visual artist living in Montreal and she's the art-smarts behind several supercool projects.

First, there's The Hot Topic Project:

... in which Kirsten painted a portrait of every person named in the Le Tigre song "Hot Topic." Be still my heart. Read more about the project here!

And then, there's Papirmasse, a mail-art subscription through which, for $5 per month, you receive work by a different artist/writer pair each month for a year.

I'm happy to be November's poet--two poems from Slope Move plus one poem from a new series, "The Frames", will be featured in the issue. Check out my interview on the Papirmasse blog!

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