Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the new york post

what a rollercoaster week.  leaving a city is so much more than changing location.  

here i am in brooklyn, back in new york after 5 years. NYC is different yet somehow the same. i guess i'm still adjusting and therefore speaking in abstractions.

it was drizzling when i drove into brooklyn and unloaded all my boxes from the rental car, and by the time i headed to union square for an interview, it was pouring. 

mia met me after work and we decided tapas and booze was in order. 
so we went to pipa.  you can't really tell from the bad photo, but the interior is all dark wood and only lit by chandeliers. many of them. it was like eating tapas in a starlit forest. dreamy.
yesterday, i headed to soho for a long walk (read: to check out what all the models are wearing to go shopping) and to hit up any bargains for apartment stuff. there were many, which was great. got a bit of writing done (my pact to myself) and did some "set up" (banking, new checks, library card, etc) while mia was at work.

today, decided to hit up the old haunts & walk through morningside. 
so lovely. all the outdoor produce, cherry blossoms and tulips in all the median planters! i'm sitting in the coffee shop window watching columbia students walk by--finals week; they all look a bit gaunt.  

tonight, more apartment shopping and getting situated. thinking about paint colors for my bedroom--- suggestions? visuals?  

more soon. 


  1. What *are* all the models wearing to go shopping? Don't hold out on us.

  2. leggings, metallic gladiator sandals (STILL! isn't that over yet???) and these capelet type things that look perfect on them but would look like a feedbag on me. very chanel-ish. but that was before the rain cleared up. i bet today everything is totally different. my guess is straw hats and maxi dresses :)

  3. 1) i was just noticing those ugs (ha, uggs!) gladiator sandals at akira today.

    2) there was this really cool haute couture documentary on PBS last night so i have all sorts of images of the richest, most absurd ladies in the world (LOVED them) when you say 'chanel-ish'